1. Test the baseground condition before you install PVC vinyl flooring rolls. The moisture content should be under 3% and the substrate strength should be no lower than C-20 of the concrete demand. Meanwhile, the substrate hardness should be higher than 1.2Mpa.

2. Clean the baseground and coat the primer on it to make it smooth, make sure that there is no sand and crack.

3. Make up level tolerance of the ground by self-leveling if it is higher than 2~3mm in two sqm. And the thickness of the self-leveling should be 2~3mm. After that, you may need to wait about 24 hours to install PVC vinyl flooring rolls.

4. Open the rolls and pave it on the self-leveling ground at least for 24 hours before installation. The lowest temperature inside should not be lower than 15℃.

5. Fold back the paved rolls to be half position and coat the adhesive on the ground. You should pay attention to the drying time to avoid leading to bubbles for too short time or to bad sticky for too long time. Then install the folded half roll, fold the other half and coat the adhesive, then install the left.

6. Press the installed Vinyl flooring rolls with 65kgs roller, then weld the joints with welding rods.

7. Don’t walk on the paved ground in 48 hours after installation.

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