GEDEN anti-static vinyl flooring rolls include static dissipative and static conductive flooring. It is made of high-class conductive materials using the latest technologies. Available in homogeneous vinyl flooring, anti-static is a flexible and high-performance solution. Not only be it highly resistant to wear and fire, but it is also easy to maintain. Those ensure it a choice for heavy traffic areas.

Most importantly, anti-static flooring is customized to cater to one specific need. That is to keep sensitive environments where the static charge may be issue safe. Additionally, it helps control the accumulation, generation, and dissipation of static charges. Anti-static vinyl keeps critical equipment from damage and regular work from the hamper. Therefore, it is perfect for computer rooms, radar stations, telecommunications, hospital ICU, electronics manufacturing facilities, etc. With such special features, GEDEN anti-static vinyl rolls can fit a variety of applications.

anti-static pvc flooring roll test

Anti-static Vinyl Flooring Rolls Test Items

Thickness: 2.0/2.5/3mm
Size (Width*Length): 2m*15/20m per roll
System resistance: conductive < 1.0×10^6Ω
Decay period of static voltage: ≤2s
Dimensional stability: ≤0.40%
Anti-bacterial: Rate I according to ISO22196
Smoke production: ≤750%, min
Effect of castor chair: no delamination no cracks
Slip resistance: ≥0.3 according to EN13893
Resistance to staining: 0 or not affected according to EN423
Impact sound absorption vli: approx 2dB according to test standard ENISO 0717/2

keep sensitive areas safe
highly wear resistant
easy to clean and maintain
fire and water resistant
sound and noise absorption
anti bacterial and chemical

anti-static vinyl flooring rolls