SPC flooring, short for Stone Plastic Composite, features a unique rigid structure that is more stable than the traditional vinyl tiles. Same as LVT flooring, SPC vinyl flooring can also look like wood or stone with the printing layer. And the embossed wear layer makes it look more realistic. The most unique part is the rigid core layer that mostly made of lime powder. This stone plastic composite is resistant to expansion and contraction for decades. You can get a remarkably dimensionally stable yet beautiful floor.

GEDEN SPC rigid core vinyl flooring is also an inexpensive and practical alternative with numbers of features over hardwoods and laminates. After all, it is 100% waterproof that won't warp or twist. Stone plastic composite performs well in somewhere moisture may be an issue. It is ideal for kitchens, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other damp areas. UV coated wear layer makes it resistant to scratches and stains under daily wear. SPC flooring works well both for commercial and residential spaces. Additionally, the flooring installation can be never faster and easier. With a unique click system and edge design, SPC vinyl planks are connected seamlessly and tightly without glue.

SPC Stone Plastic Composite Specifications

Thickness/wear layer: 4mm/0.3mm, 5mm/0.3mm
Floor sizes in stock: 181*1219mm (7.13″*48″), 300*600mm (11.8″*23.6″), 300*900mm (11.8″*35.4″)
Customized thicknesses and sizes are also available based on your requirements and the quantity.
Main materials: lime powder as the rigid core layer, transparent PVC wear layer with UV coated (New!)
Surface texture: deep embossed designs that look and feel like real wood and stone
Installation method: click system
Application: commercial and residential, such as offices, stores, museums, hotels, departments, and etc.
Anti-skid rating: R10 according to test standard DIN51130
Abrasion resistance coefficient: T1 according to ISO10582
Fire retardant rating: B1 according to EN13501

no warping, no cracking, no corrosion, and no deformation
protect the floor from humidity, termite, mold, bacteria and virus
without formaldehyde and benzene, no harm to human
Fire Retardant
fireproof index of SPC can reach B1 level, second only to stone
not easy to fall even there is water on the surface, very comfortable
easy enough to install without glue and connected seamlessly

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