1. Test the baseground condition before you install luxury vinyl tiles. The moisture content should be under 3% tested by moisture content meter. The substrate strength should be no lower than C-20 of the concrete demand, and the substrate hardness should be higher than 1.2Mpa.

2. Clean the baseground and coat the primer on it, make sure it is polished smooth without sand and crack.

3. Since level tolerance of the baseground should be controlled in 2~3mm in each two sqm, it should be made up by self-leveling if needed. The thickness of the self-leveling should be 2~3mm. You may need to wait about 24 hours to install luxury vinyl tiles.

4. Lay out the luxury vinyl tiles on the self-leveling ground at least for 24 hours before installation. The optimal temperature inside is around 15~20℃, at least no lower than 10℃ or higher than 30℃. Meanwhile, the air humidity should range from 20% to 75%.

5. Coat the glue uniformly when it’s dry back vinyl flooring. You should pay attention to the drying time to avoid bubbles for too short time or being too dry for too long time.

6. Stress each piece of tiles strongly in right position and connect correctly.

7. Press the paved luxury vinyl tiles ground with roller, and weld the gaps if it’s necessary after 24 hours.

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