25kgs/bag for 6sqm area with 2~4mm thickness, to make the ground more smooth, key vinyl sheet flooring accessories

5kgs/barrel for 150sqm area, to make the connection between self-leveling and base ground better and stickier

Adhesive and Spreader
to make the heterogeneous and homogeneous flooring stick to the self-leveling, using spreader for coating

4kgs/barrel for 150sqm area, to protect the flooring after installation

Welding Rods
100m/roll, to connect the joint of vinyl sheet flooring, there are plenty of colors

Vinyl Flooring Accessories - welding rods

Hot Air Welding Gun
operation temperature of 40~700℃, it is a special tool for welding rods

PVC Flooring Accessories - welding gun

PVC Flooring Accessories - capping edges

Capping Edges
20m/roll, to provide a smooth transition at the edge of a floor covering

PVC Flooring Accessories - skirting

50m/roll flexible PVC skirting and 3m/pc foamed skirting, to fasten along the bottom of the walls and floors

Cove Fillet
25m/roll, to fill up the corner gap between the wall and the vinyl floor

PVC Vinyl Flooring Accessories - sanding machine

Sanding Machine
speed of 165rpm and weight of 48kgs, to polish the self-leveling ground

All Way Scrapper
0.3m in length and 0.25kg in weight, to scrap the unevenness on surface

electrical groover for slotting big area of vinyl flooring, manual groover for small area

Spiked Roller
to discharge air bubbles when making the self-leveling

Pressure Roller
to press vinyl flooring to be more flat and level, or using a cork press for small area

Trimming knife, double safely knife, quater moon knife for cutting the floor and trimming

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