GEDEN keeps focusing on vinyl planks and sheets, providing countless options and professional solutions
Our manager and the engineers have been working in the vinyl PVC flooring industry for over 20 years
Though we have years of experiences, still keep innovating, and launch new products every year
You could get quick response, quality products and after sale from us, which save you time and energy
GEDEN gives you quality floors through massive production, which provides you with an ideal return

Featured GEDEN Products

GEDEN vinyl is a waterproof eco-friendly floor with 100% formaldehyde free. Designed as the next generation flooring solution, vinyl planks and sheets are winning the market. They come in a variety of styles, thicknesses, and sizes to fit virtually any application. Vinyl floors work perfectly for both residential and commercial spaces. Geden Floors give you the warmth and comfort of carpets, the authentic look of hardwoods, and the elegance of marbles. These versatile flooring will add details to any interior and enhance beauty.

Geden Floors is the leading vinyl flooring manufacturer and expert in China, specializing in innovative flooring solutions. Our experienced engineers have been working in the polyvinyl chloride industry for over 20 years. Yet GEDEN keeps researching a better floor for our clients and launching new products every year. There are 20 series and over 1000 colors of our vinyl planks and rolls now. You could choose from LVT flooring, SPC flooring, RVT flooring, to homogeneous vinyl flooring, and etc.

GEDEN provides you quality floors with stability and flexibility for a lifetime, enhancing the beauty of any interior design. Learn More

Residential & Commercial Applications

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